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MiBAP is a non-profit membership organization of providers whose mission is to promote access to the science of applied behavior analysis (ABA) through advocacy, education, and quality practices.

MiBAP achieves this mission by actively:


Promoting access to ABA services by supporting a robust and high-quality provider network throughout the State of Michigan


Advocating for the use of ABA services in environments where behavioral interventions can improve an individual or organization’s well-being and/or performance, to include the treatment of autism, traumatic brain injury, intellectual and developmental disabilities


Educating the public, including parents, stakeholders, medical professionals, school staff, and State and local legislators on the science of ABA and the benefits and cost savings achievable through effective interventions


Promoting quality practices in the delivery of ABA services, to include the establishment of specific quality standards and evidence-based measures of success




MiBAP is accepting applications for Active and Affiliate Memberships.

Membership benefits* include:

  • Use of the MiBAP logo and credentials on company website and marketing materials
  • Member-only updates on Michigan licensing, policy, regulations, and service rates
  • Access to MiBAP resources, training, and expertise in legislative & lobbying efforts
  • Participation in ABA-related educational and training opportunities
  • A voice at the table in development of Michigan ABA provider quality standards
  • Access to provider survey data and outcome-based success metrics for Michigan ABA Services
  • Discounts on ABA-related services, to include training, provider liability insurance, and more
  • Networking opportunities to share and promote ABA best practices and standards
  • Access to member-only events and key Michigan leaders and legislators influencing ABA policy

* Not all member benefits may be available in 2019; contact MiBAP for further details 

2019 Membership Dues

Membership Level Annual ABA Services Revenue 2019 Membership Dues
Active Member – Tier 1 Less Than $1,000,000 $ 2,000.00
Active Member – Tier 2 $1M to $3M $ 3,000.00
Active Member – Tier 3 $3M to $5M $ 4,000.00
Active Member – Tier 4 Over $5,000,000 $ 6,000.00
Affiliate Member N/A $ 2,000.00

Checks should be made out to MiBAP

mailed to
1100 S Rose St,
Kalamazoo MI 40991-2664