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April 13, 2023
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April 26, 2023
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MAY WEBINAR: Key 2023 HR and Compliance Considerations for Autism ABA Providers in Michigan | Presented by: Randall Swanson, Esq.

WEBINAR: Wednesday, May 31st, 12PM

Key 2023 HR and Compliance Considerations for Autism ABA Providers in Michigan

Presented by: Randall Swanson, Esq.


Presenter Profile:

Randall Swanson, Esq. is a California licensed attorney and the Director of Legal Affairs and Chief Compliance Officer for ABA Pathways, LLC, a founding member of MiBAP. He currently sits on the MiBAP’s Access Committee and MHPAEA Workgroup.

Known as Randy to his friends and colleagues, he has been married for 28 years this May, a father of 3 sons and the oldest of 4 siblings. He obtained his JD from Pepperdine SOL, earned a Certificate of Dispute Resolution from Pepperdines Straus Institute for DR, and has his own practice in SoCal, providing estate planning and business development services. He has been an attorney for 23 years and worked specifically in the HR field for 10 and compliance for 5 years, analyzing and drafting employee and operational policies and procedures, and implementing Pathways’ internal compliance program. Pathways is CARF accredited and earned its highest 3-year with no recommendation in its last survey. Pathways’ was awarded the 2023 50 small business to watch from the Michigan Celebrates Small Business program. Pathways’ CEO was selected for EY’s 2022-2023 Winning Women program. Randy is proud to be a part of Pathways and of the work they do and he looks forward to sharing some of his perspective and expertise with the MiBAP community.

Presentation Objectives:

1. Understand key components of laws and regulations applicable to employees and operations
2. Be able to evaluate compliance of current operational policies and procedures based on the laws and regulations reviewed
3. Is informed as to how and where to find and obtain information necessary to ensure continued compliance

Presentation Summary:

This session will present an overview of current Michigan laws and regulations in the following HR and Compliance areas for ABA Providers as employers, as highlighted in the news, impacted by court decisions, and national trends:

● Paid medical leave
● Candidates salary history
● Employee document retention
● Lactation breaks
● Minimum wage increase
● Non-compete/non-disclosure
● ChatGPT

In each area, the key or controlling aspects of the laws or regulations will be identified. Followed by a short discussion and/or analysis of how these changes impact autism ABA providers, and what providers will need to do comply with these laws and regulations.