MiBAP Spring 2024 Newsletter
June 7, 2024
MiBAP Spring 2024 Newsletter
June 7, 2024
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August 2024 Webinar: ABA Service Delivery Quality: A Novel Application of a Quality Framework

WEBINAR: August 28, 2024 | 12pm

ABA Service Delivery Quality: A Novel Application of a Quality Framework

Presented by: Olivia Banks, The Place for Children with Autism

The applied behavior analysis service delivery industry continues to grapple with criticism due to widespread deficiencies in quality control measures throughout the field. Organizations often boast claims that they provide high-quality services without substantiating data, jeopardizing the wellbeing of consumers, employees, and the field at large. In Silbaugh & El Fattal’s 2021 article ‘Exploring Quality in the ABA Service Delivery Industry’, the authors explore a framework for developing clearly defined quality metrics and behavioral systems for ongoing evaluation. This session discusses the implementation of that framework with an organization of 15 clinics, roughly 300 clients, and 50 behavior analysts. Example quality standards, potential limitations or barriers, future directions, and supporting quality dependent data will be provided



  1. Participants will be able to identify ways to develop quality definitions within their own practice and potential sources for developing standards for evaluation
  2. Participants will identify and be able to discuss ways in which an ongoing quality control system could impact quality dependent key performance indicators of their organization.
  3. Participants will be able to identify potential limitations and barriers to implementation, as well as potential solutions to those barriers.



Olivia Banks

Olivia completed her bachelor’s degree in behavioral sciences from Western Michigan University in 2014 and later graduated with her master’s degree from Florida State University in 2016 where, shortly after, she became a BCBA. Currently, she serves as the Associate Director of Clinical Management at The Place for Children with Autism in Chicago, Illinois, an early intensive behavioral intervention therapy provider spanning across 15 center locations in greater Chicagoland and Central Illinois. Olivia’s professional interests include behavioral systems analysis as a means for improving the quality of ABA service delivery, pay-for-performance & scorecard systems for improving clinician performance, and moderate to severe behavior reduction through the use of Skills Based Treatment. In her free time, Olivia is an avid concert goer and Harry Styles fanatic.


Jessica Gruber

Jessica Gruber has been with The Place for Children with Autism since 2017 when the company first opened its doors. Jessica has been working with autistic individuals for 15 years with a focus on Applied Behavior Analytic services for the past 14 years. As Chief Clinical Officer at The Place, Jessica oversees all aspects of the Clinical Department including the design and implementation of clinical treatment and training for all clinicians. Along with her team, Jessica is dedicated to ensuring quality and compassionate services are provided to all clients at The Place. Jessica has a passion for staff training and development and recently finished her PhD in Applied Behavior Analysis at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology with a focus on instructional design and training. Jessica is an active member of the Autism community and currently serves on the Behavioral Health Center of Excellence’s Disciplinary Review Committee.




Note: 1 CEU will be offered after completion of survey.